Saturday, June 4, 2011

Positive Affirmations

     So it is now very late Saturday night, also known as early Sunday morning and I remembered how i had been wanting to make a blog post the past two Sundays but never got around to it... I figured that now would be a good time to at least get a start.
     My time in VA so far has been good I guess. Ive been successful enough to where i think it`s worth being out here. The job entails long long days and lots of persistence, but so far so good. Today was actually my best day yet...i sold 5 accounts! There have been 3 days I think where I bageled it (got zero sales). So you understand, if i sell one a day, ill meet my minimum goal and the summer will be worth it. Imagine if I could hit 5 EVERY day! Well guess what- I can. Why not? I`m not saying it WILL happen. I`m just saying that if it can happen once, it can happen again... lots of times. We had a lot of office meetings this week that felt more like motivational seminars. We focused on goals, how to start off a good day, positive affirmations, etc. 
     So how do you give yourself positive affirmations? You wake up and you tell yourself out loud or in your head "I like myself. I love my job. I love my family. I have a great life. I am very successful(even if I have to use spell-check to spell successful right). I will achieve my goals. People like me. I am talented. etc." You can do this with ANYTHING. Do you want to be a better student? say "I am a good student. I study hard. I am smart." Guess What... your actions will follow and you WILL be a better student. You have to believe it and follow it though... none of this half-hearted doo-doo. Do you want to learn to play the piano? say "I have musical skills. I can learn this. I am picking this up fast. I will get this because I consistently practice." Do you want a girlfriend? Say "Girls like me. I`m a fun guy. I have a lot to offer. I`m a SEXXXXY BEAST." Ya, you can even say that. The point is- Whatever you want, go get it. Nothing noteworthy will happen on its own. You wont reach your potential without believing you are that type of person. A more dedicated family member, a more successful business man, a more obedient saint, a star athlete... whatever it is that YOU want. Make a goal and for goodness sake get off your toosh and chase it. That is my inspirational thought for the month. I`ll try to live by it if you guys do, deal?
     Anyways, summer training for 2011 XC started up last week and I`m glad I have Jonesy here has a training partner. We keep eachother from sluffing... this is actually the most consistent Ive been with abs, pushups, pullups, etc every day for a long time. For some reason it gets harder to do all the little things during the school year... Last week was 30 miles and this week 42.5...  we`ll be increasing till we get to around 70+ miles per week. If I can handle that while walking for 8 hours a day selling, then it will become super easy when I sit in a classroom all day. Let`s just hope my body can take all that this summer. My sore achilles and mostly heal have continued to bother me... an issue Ive had since last August. I took a long break off running after track season hoping that it would heal but somehow it just feels worse. So maybe it just needs to get used to running again. stretch stretch stretch, ice ice ice, roll roll roll, etc. It`ll be okay I hope. If that doesnt cut it then well hafta bring in the ibu profen, which has been a surprisingly frequent occurrence with me during college XC and track. a couple more years of it wont kill me ;)
     It`s late, very late, and I think I`m just rambling. Until next time. tchau
p.s. Ive been home from my mission for an entire year now. WOW. time flies when you start losing your hair...