Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Changes

Dear 4 followers,
All of you probably know this already(maybe not Hailey and Jake), but I have been back in Provo for 1.5 weeks now. A hip injury caused me to decide that I needed to come back to provo to get the needed medical attention and rest. You see, running in the morning, walking for 8 hours, and then run again at night just wasn`t helping a hurt hip to get better... in fact for 2+ weeks i wasnt running at all. I weighed my priorities and decided to come back so I can still have a good XC season. I am now working for the same company (Dish One Marketing) taking calls as a claims representative. I work with the Bioguard sales reps and Dish/DirecTV sales reps. I also just landed a job a few days ago as a Sales Rep at 26.2 Running Company! Ive actually wanted to work there for a long time so I`m very happy I got that job...especially since it will allow me to still work a few hours a week during the school year. Constant income is what I need! Yesterday was my second day and I opened the store and was the only one working until 3pm. Luckily I know alot about shoes and stuff so I was able to help everybody out and sell lots of stuff. It got a little hectic at times when there were lots of people in the store but overall it was pretty sweet.
So my summer in Virginia Beach only lasted 7 weeks. Although it was half the time it should have been, I was able to meet my minimum goal of money earned for the summer. Which means I can finally be much more independent than in years past. (Although I have to admit, I`m still pretty dependent when it comes to insurance and gas...thanks mom and dad!)
So for now Im working 40 hours a week and trying to heal this hip up and get in good shape before the end of August, when our XC season starts. This is the year!!!! I have got to be healthy. The team is so strong this year and I need to contribute. I`m excited and hopeful that I`ll be ready to go and have a long, successful running year.