Thursday, October 6, 2011


I would like some time where I have no responsibility and get to sleep in and play all day. Yeah... that would be nice.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Changes

Dear 4 followers,
All of you probably know this already(maybe not Hailey and Jake), but I have been back in Provo for 1.5 weeks now. A hip injury caused me to decide that I needed to come back to provo to get the needed medical attention and rest. You see, running in the morning, walking for 8 hours, and then run again at night just wasn`t helping a hurt hip to get better... in fact for 2+ weeks i wasnt running at all. I weighed my priorities and decided to come back so I can still have a good XC season. I am now working for the same company (Dish One Marketing) taking calls as a claims representative. I work with the Bioguard sales reps and Dish/DirecTV sales reps. I also just landed a job a few days ago as a Sales Rep at 26.2 Running Company! Ive actually wanted to work there for a long time so I`m very happy I got that job...especially since it will allow me to still work a few hours a week during the school year. Constant income is what I need! Yesterday was my second day and I opened the store and was the only one working until 3pm. Luckily I know alot about shoes and stuff so I was able to help everybody out and sell lots of stuff. It got a little hectic at times when there were lots of people in the store but overall it was pretty sweet.
So my summer in Virginia Beach only lasted 7 weeks. Although it was half the time it should have been, I was able to meet my minimum goal of money earned for the summer. Which means I can finally be much more independent than in years past. (Although I have to admit, I`m still pretty dependent when it comes to insurance and gas...thanks mom and dad!)
So for now Im working 40 hours a week and trying to heal this hip up and get in good shape before the end of August, when our XC season starts. This is the year!!!! I have got to be healthy. The team is so strong this year and I need to contribute. I`m excited and hopeful that I`ll be ready to go and have a long, successful running year.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Positive Affirmations

     So it is now very late Saturday night, also known as early Sunday morning and I remembered how i had been wanting to make a blog post the past two Sundays but never got around to it... I figured that now would be a good time to at least get a start.
     My time in VA so far has been good I guess. Ive been successful enough to where i think it`s worth being out here. The job entails long long days and lots of persistence, but so far so good. Today was actually my best day yet...i sold 5 accounts! There have been 3 days I think where I bageled it (got zero sales). So you understand, if i sell one a day, ill meet my minimum goal and the summer will be worth it. Imagine if I could hit 5 EVERY day! Well guess what- I can. Why not? I`m not saying it WILL happen. I`m just saying that if it can happen once, it can happen again... lots of times. We had a lot of office meetings this week that felt more like motivational seminars. We focused on goals, how to start off a good day, positive affirmations, etc. 
     So how do you give yourself positive affirmations? You wake up and you tell yourself out loud or in your head "I like myself. I love my job. I love my family. I have a great life. I am very successful(even if I have to use spell-check to spell successful right). I will achieve my goals. People like me. I am talented. etc." You can do this with ANYTHING. Do you want to be a better student? say "I am a good student. I study hard. I am smart." Guess What... your actions will follow and you WILL be a better student. You have to believe it and follow it though... none of this half-hearted doo-doo. Do you want to learn to play the piano? say "I have musical skills. I can learn this. I am picking this up fast. I will get this because I consistently practice." Do you want a girlfriend? Say "Girls like me. I`m a fun guy. I have a lot to offer. I`m a SEXXXXY BEAST." Ya, you can even say that. The point is- Whatever you want, go get it. Nothing noteworthy will happen on its own. You wont reach your potential without believing you are that type of person. A more dedicated family member, a more successful business man, a more obedient saint, a star athlete... whatever it is that YOU want. Make a goal and for goodness sake get off your toosh and chase it. That is my inspirational thought for the month. I`ll try to live by it if you guys do, deal?
     Anyways, summer training for 2011 XC started up last week and I`m glad I have Jonesy here has a training partner. We keep eachother from sluffing... this is actually the most consistent Ive been with abs, pushups, pullups, etc every day for a long time. For some reason it gets harder to do all the little things during the school year... Last week was 30 miles and this week 42.5...  we`ll be increasing till we get to around 70+ miles per week. If I can handle that while walking for 8 hours a day selling, then it will become super easy when I sit in a classroom all day. Let`s just hope my body can take all that this summer. My sore achilles and mostly heal have continued to bother me... an issue Ive had since last August. I took a long break off running after track season hoping that it would heal but somehow it just feels worse. So maybe it just needs to get used to running again. stretch stretch stretch, ice ice ice, roll roll roll, etc. It`ll be okay I hope. If that doesnt cut it then well hafta bring in the ibu profen, which has been a surprisingly frequent occurrence with me during college XC and track. a couple more years of it wont kill me ;)
     It`s late, very late, and I think I`m just rambling. Until next time. tchau
p.s. Ive been home from my mission for an entire year now. WOW. time flies when you start losing your hair...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Week Vacation

So I`ve done it... I`ve made a REAL blog. Many of you didn`t count my blog for my Portuguese class as a real blog for some reason.
Well, I have now been done with school for one week. Last Thursday I took my last final, Chem105. I bombed it, as expected... but my bomb was just barely good enough to maintain a lousy C- in the class. (I dont think ive ever seen my GPA drop so far in one semester). I have a few more Chemistry classes ahead of me, since I think I wanna be a Chiropractor... this means that next semester, in Chem 106 and 107, I`m gonna have to buck up and be a little(lot) more studious. I can do it and it will be a lot more fun then just stressing about not knowing what I`m doing. I figure If I can learn the material and stay on top of the readings, it actually won`t be too miserable! I will be taking a couple of other somewhat challenging classes too.. so this means no more horsing around! All you party animals are just gonna have to let me get a little more intimate with the library!

So I moved out of Liberty Jail on Friday morning and am now living at my aunt Wendy`s house. I LOVE my aunt Wendy and all my cousins here. They`re so awesome. I`m keeping Peter`s bed warm and keeping his cat company for a little bit while he`s in Japan. Thanks Pete ;) I`ll just be here for two weeks though, not two years. On May 9th I have a plane ticket from SLC to Virginia... where my summer of selling pest control for Bio Guard will take place. I`ll be selling in Virginia Beach. My schedule will look like this

7 am- wake up and run 10 miles, stretch, eat, get ready
i think like 9am- morning meeting/training and then selling all day, with a break for lunch in the middle
9-10pm- get home, run 4 miles, eat, passout

Same thing except I should be free around 6 or so

Beloved day of rest...including a 40ish minute commute to church and back

oh and once a month I`ll get a play day! My buddy and teammate Ryan Jones will also be selling with me, which will be fun. We`ll go to the beach, Washington DC, and who knows where else. The goal is to make AT LEAST $10k...if things are going well I may even move that goal to $20k. I`ve never sold before, but I think I can learn. It`ll be good for me to learn how to interact (Sales-wise) with other people. But the main reason for this 4 month drag will be to make $$$.... it`s a means to an end. I don`t plan on doing this every summer... i just need to re-vamp my savings account, and unfortunately overnight toilet duty at Wal-Mart last summer couldnt quite do that for me.

So I`m here in Lindon/Provo for 11 more days. Doing what? Well let me tell you... I go to practice and spend a lot of time stretching, rolling out on the foam roller, icing ,etc. I sleep as much as I need! And let me tell you, my body feels fantastic! I have at least one more race this track season at the BYU track stadium on Wednesday May 4th, where I`ll be competing in the 5k. If you think track is boring, don`t come... cuz it`s 12.5 laps around the oval. Hopefully I`ll be in good health and shape enough to run about 1425... which is my PR that I ran while sick in Cali a few weeks ago. At 4,500 ft... that will be tough, but if I can do it then that will most likely be a time that qualifies me for Regionals! Which means I would stay in Provo until the end of May and postpone my Virginia trip to the beginning of June. That`s okay by me! Track needs to come first anyways since that is how my school get`s mostly paid for.

The rest of my time, when not sleeping or doing track stuff is spent with friends, mostly Mikyn :) and also reading good books that I just don`t have time for during the school year. Pretty good vacation, huh? Let`s just hope that it can be extended until June. If not, then I`ll put a smile on and get pumped to go tear it up in Virginia Beach this summer!