Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Week Vacation

So I`ve done it... I`ve made a REAL blog. Many of you didn`t count my blog for my Portuguese class as a real blog for some reason.
Well, I have now been done with school for one week. Last Thursday I took my last final, Chem105. I bombed it, as expected... but my bomb was just barely good enough to maintain a lousy C- in the class. (I dont think ive ever seen my GPA drop so far in one semester). I have a few more Chemistry classes ahead of me, since I think I wanna be a Chiropractor... this means that next semester, in Chem 106 and 107, I`m gonna have to buck up and be a little(lot) more studious. I can do it and it will be a lot more fun then just stressing about not knowing what I`m doing. I figure If I can learn the material and stay on top of the readings, it actually won`t be too miserable! I will be taking a couple of other somewhat challenging classes too.. so this means no more horsing around! All you party animals are just gonna have to let me get a little more intimate with the library!

So I moved out of Liberty Jail on Friday morning and am now living at my aunt Wendy`s house. I LOVE my aunt Wendy and all my cousins here. They`re so awesome. I`m keeping Peter`s bed warm and keeping his cat company for a little bit while he`s in Japan. Thanks Pete ;) I`ll just be here for two weeks though, not two years. On May 9th I have a plane ticket from SLC to Virginia... where my summer of selling pest control for Bio Guard will take place. I`ll be selling in Virginia Beach. My schedule will look like this

7 am- wake up and run 10 miles, stretch, eat, get ready
i think like 9am- morning meeting/training and then selling all day, with a break for lunch in the middle
9-10pm- get home, run 4 miles, eat, passout

Same thing except I should be free around 6 or so

Beloved day of rest...including a 40ish minute commute to church and back

oh and once a month I`ll get a play day! My buddy and teammate Ryan Jones will also be selling with me, which will be fun. We`ll go to the beach, Washington DC, and who knows where else. The goal is to make AT LEAST $10k...if things are going well I may even move that goal to $20k. I`ve never sold before, but I think I can learn. It`ll be good for me to learn how to interact (Sales-wise) with other people. But the main reason for this 4 month drag will be to make $$$.... it`s a means to an end. I don`t plan on doing this every summer... i just need to re-vamp my savings account, and unfortunately overnight toilet duty at Wal-Mart last summer couldnt quite do that for me.

So I`m here in Lindon/Provo for 11 more days. Doing what? Well let me tell you... I go to practice and spend a lot of time stretching, rolling out on the foam roller, icing ,etc. I sleep as much as I need! And let me tell you, my body feels fantastic! I have at least one more race this track season at the BYU track stadium on Wednesday May 4th, where I`ll be competing in the 5k. If you think track is boring, don`t come... cuz it`s 12.5 laps around the oval. Hopefully I`ll be in good health and shape enough to run about 1425... which is my PR that I ran while sick in Cali a few weeks ago. At 4,500 ft... that will be tough, but if I can do it then that will most likely be a time that qualifies me for Regionals! Which means I would stay in Provo until the end of May and postpone my Virginia trip to the beginning of June. That`s okay by me! Track needs to come first anyways since that is how my school get`s mostly paid for.

The rest of my time, when not sleeping or doing track stuff is spent with friends, mostly Mikyn :) and also reading good books that I just don`t have time for during the school year. Pretty good vacation, huh? Let`s just hope that it can be extended until June. If not, then I`ll put a smile on and get pumped to go tear it up in Virginia Beach this summer!


  1. yay! A real blog! Now all you have to do is update it more than once every year :) I know you can do it tay! Haha good luck at your race and have an awesome summer. I'm right with you about taking tough semester I have stats, anatomy, microbiology, chemisty and creative writing :( haha. Tell mikyn hi! And bryn and his family too! We miss ya here in poky!

  2. thanks hay and good luck with all your tough classes! I took stats this year and was so scared but it ended up not being bad. that does sound like a tough schedule though... you can do it! I probably wont be able to visit poky till the fall. crazy, huh? I miss you and Jakey but not really cricket... and I still need to meet your new pup sometime

  3. so are you going to actually write on your new REAL blog!!?? :)

  4. yeah i guess i summer has changed lol. maybe ill have time on sunday. life is busy!!! im working 9 hours most days